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Thiết bị chống sét Camera 3 in 1 Wanscam LRS02-2

Thông tin Sản phẩm

  • Thiết bị chống sét Camera

  • Wanscam LRS02-2

  • Thiết bị chống sét Camera 3 in 1 Wanscam LRS02-2

  • www.glinktelecom.vn

  • Wanscam - Taiwan

  • 12 Tháng

  • 10 %

  • 300 (g)

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Thiết bị chống sét Camera 3 in 1 Wanscam LRS02-2


Main Features:

  • Material:Shielded Aluminum Alloy
  • Large discharge current capacity,
  • multi-level protection,
  • quick response and small insertion loss.

It applies to the overvoltage protection of the signal in the monitoring system with the integration of power and video signal, to keep it from the damage caused by induced overvoltage, switching over voltage and electrosatic discharge, etc.

Technical Details:

Function Protection: Video & Power
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Insert Loss: 0.3dB
Response Time: <0.5ns
Working Temperature: -60 degree - +95 degree
Isn: 5KA
Max Discharge Current: 10KA
Dimension: 102*64*28mm
Work Voltage: 24V

Installation and maintenance:
 Input represents input end output represents output end.Input end connects to input transmission line and output end connects to the protection equiment.

The grounding conductor and the grounding bus of the lightening protection system must be connected stably.Protection device should be put as close as possible to the protected equiment.

The protection device doesn't need special maintenance,but if it is damaged by high voltage or lightening.(when the LED indicator light is off,it just means that it has lost the function of lightening protection),please replace it timely.

Package including:

1 x Surge Protector

1x English Manal