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Thiết bị chống sét cho Camera Analog (CY-BL301)

Thông tin Sản phẩm

  • Thiết bị chống sét Camera

  • Thiết bị chống sét cho Camera Analog (CY-BL301)

  • Thiết bị chống sét cho Camera Analog (CY-BL301)

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  • Made in Taiwan

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Thiết bị chống sét cho Camera Analog (CY-BL301)

Thông tin sản phẩm

Thiết bị chống sét cho Camera Analog (CY-BL301)
The protective function of CY-BL301 is divided into two grades. The first grade protection is to discharge strong striking electricity current through a switching component, which can stand surge strike and send part of the pulse current out into the earth through the grounding line. The next grade is adopted voltage-limiting component to do precise clamping, which can ensure the normal operation of the protected equipment. 
This device is used to protect video signal systems from the damage caused by overvoltage or static discharge, etc. by lightning strike.
1.      Built-in protective semi-conductive components,  high through flow rate, low limiting voltage, short response time and reliable performance;
2.      Wide frequency band, little insertion loss, and low standing-wave ratio;
3.      Exquisite appearance, easy for installation.

Service such as protect the camera,DVR,Network equipment...from lightning surge
IP Camera
Networking Equipments

Technology Parameter

Insertion Loss
Max. Continuous DC Voltage UC
Response time
Max. Through Flow Rate
Max Speed VS
Working Conditions
Temperature Range: -25~+65 ℃
Humidity Range: 5%~95%