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Thiết bị chống sét cho 16 Camera Wanscam CY-BL316

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  • Thiết bị chống sét Camera

  • Wanscam CY-BL316

  • Thiết bị chống sét cho 16 Camera Wanscam CY-BL316

  • www.glinktelecom.vn

  • Wanscam - Taiwan

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Thiết bị chống sét cho 16 Camera Wanscam CY-BL316

Thông tin sản phẩm

Thiết bị chống sét cho 16 Camera Wanscam CY-BL316

Product Description


CoaxJK/16 video lightning arrester is specially designed for video surveillance control system, it mainly
prevents the DVR video circuit from high voltage and heavy current that made by thunder induction.
This product is specially fit for protecting long-distance transmission circuit, like coaxial-cable of video surveill
-ance system. The coaxial-cable (which enters the control room) only needs to connect the CoaxJK/V4(8), then,
it can effectively prevent the end matrix, digital video tape recorder, monitor, from such damage which made by
over voltage reaction and static discharge. It is fit for railway communication system, locomotive basic establish
-ment station, transfer station, catv, common television, surveillance control system, satellite TV receiving system
and video selection swift system.
1. Adopt multilevel protection circuit, low-level persistent voltage.
2. Adopt the famous German brand core components, and full copper BNC connector.
3. It has great flow capacity, sensitive reaction.
4. Excellent performance, and low-loss insert.
Continuous operating voltage Un5V
Maximum working voltage Uc10V
Nominal discharging current In (8/20us)5KA
Maximum discharging current Imax (8/20us)10KA
Limit voltage Up15V
Data transmission rate Vs10Mbps
Insert loss Ae0.2dB
Response time Ta1nS
Joint formBNC
Protection formLine to line, line to earth
Dimension380mm*120mm*80mm (does not include the joint)
Working conditionsTemperature -25---+65; Humidity≤95%(25-30)
Test standardIEC61643-21:2000
Installation and Maintenance:
1. This video lightning arrester is used for preventing thunder through checking the high voltage pulse signal of
circuit, and to limit the high voltage, ruinous voltage by the three-level protection circuit of the lightning arrester.
2. When you use it, please link the easy-react circuit with the Input, link the Output with the end matrix, digital
video tape recorder, monitor equipment and so on.